Elliot Lake, ON - Andrew M

Elliot Lake and some of my biggest fish I have caught on the lake. I like the lake because there are a lot of big cliffs to jump off of, fish to catch, and family to hang out with and fish with. The reason why I go up there is that my aunt and uncle used to live up there. It takes about eight hours to get there. There are a lot of cool things to see on the drive. When we get up there we go right to our aunt and uncle’s house we then hang out for the night. When we are tubing and eating, we see a lot of wildlife like beavers, bears, and dear. In the morning my dad, my uncle and I get up early and get on the water fishing where we fish for pickerel and trout. Sometimes we go out in the shallower parts of the lake and we fish for pike and bass. We go out early every morning and fish until we get the limit of trout and pickerel. We go tubing on the lake in the afternoons and have fun on the boat. Sometimes if we are hungry we will eat sandwiches and other snacks we have on the boat. In the afternoons we hang out at my aunt and uncle’s house and have lunch and play with the dogs. In the last few afternoons that we are not fishing my sister, my cousin, and I go to the beach and swim out to a little island and jump off of that. A few nights of the week we go to other small lakes around that are just outside of town and we fish for pike and bass. Sometimes in the morning when we put the dogs out there are bears in the yard and on the side of the road. Elliot Lake is important to me and we need to keep all water clean so other people can enjoy spending time in the water.

Elliot Lake, ON
Jessica Gordon
Andrew M