Nicola River, BC - Kathy Bevan

My name is Kathy Bevan and I’m now from Toronto, Ontario. My favorite body of water is from my childhood. My dad grew up in BC, we grew up in Eastern Canada when he got married and moved down here.

Our family would go out west every couple of years or so to visit relatives. We would jump into the coldest river I’ve ever been in in my life called the Nicola River, ran through the little Nicola Valley, just outside Merritt, BC. This was the river that my dad used to fish in and used to jump in to to cool off. We did the same as we were kids. I’m really pleased to say that you can still go back to the Nicola Valley, and to the Nicola River, and jump in into ice cold water. And you can fish in that lovely river. I’m extremely proud that RBC keeps Blue Water front and center so that river bodies like Nicola River are still clean to swim and fish in and that we can all still enjoy.

Nicola River, BC
Kathy Bevan

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