Pacific Ocean, BC - Ross Beaty

Water is fundamental to human existence. It’s as important as is air. It’s super important that we keep it clean and healthy for future generations so I’m taking quite an active involvement in that mission through philanthropy and through involvement on the board of organizations in BC like the Nature Trust, which is a land conservancy; and the Pacific Salmon Foundation which is dedicated to keeping the salmon stocks strong and healthy for future generations.

I don’t have one powerful memory, I have thousands of powerful memories – I just love being on and around water. I suppose the most memorable might be fishing. I grew up as I said in Vancouver and I used to go fishing with my parents a lot. I tried to fish throughout my adult life and try to instill in my kids the enjoyment of fishing, the great bounty that comes from healthy freshwater and healthy saltwater, for our salmon and our halibut and our wonderful fish we have in BC.

My favorite place to fish is probably Langara Island up in Haida Gwaii. I go fishing there every summer and I’ve been dong that for decades now. In fact that’s where my wife and I had our honeymoon 35 years ago. Quite frankly, I can fish anywhere and I have fished many places in BC, all over the coast, inland waters, lakes, rivers, streams - all brought to me by the healthy and bountiful waters of our beautiful province.

Water is worth protecting because it is the basic building block of life. But more importantly for me it’s all about the enjoyment of life. So healthy water to me brings a healthy lifestyle which I can enjoy and that I can pass on to my kids to enjoy and that they can pass on to their kids and so on. It’s a critical, essential element in our daily lives that we have to keep healthy.

Pacific Ocean, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Rachel Schoeler
Ross Beaty

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