Charles River, USA - Kathleen Behan

My Watermark is the Charles River in Massachusetts, USA.

I grew up landlocked in Georgia, so I have always relished the opportunity to be near water. The most meaningful waterbody for me is the Charles River in Massachusetts. I lived in Boston for three years (from 2010-2013), and I walked along the Charles River almost every day during that time. I loved watching people sail in the Charles River Basin as I would cross the Harvard River Bridge or walk along the Esplanade, and I often took pictures of the views from the bridge. I would also go further upstream to Harvard to watch the Charles River Regatta each year. My husband and I enjoyed kayaking in the Charles River as well. I remember one time that there was an algae bloom in the Charles River Basin, and we had to go further upstream to be able to kayak. We still had a wonderful time (in fact, it was actually more peaceful kayaking away from the city), but at first it was disappointing to have to change our plans. I frequently wished that I could swim in the Charles, and I'm pleased to hear that the Charles River Conservancy has launched the Swimmable Charles Initiative since I left. If I ever get to move back to Boston, I'll definitely take a dip!

Charles River, USA
Mark Mattson
Kathleen Behan

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