Canoe Lake, ON - Dylan Thomas

My Watermark is Canoe Lake, Ontario.

From Thunder Bay, my oldest memory of water was a ton of water fights. I was at my girlfriend's house and she had a bucket of water because we were cleaning the van for her parents. And she was behind me and she said my name, "Dylan turn around!", so I did and SPLASH I was wet! I wasn't mad because it was a hot day. So I grabbed the hose and got her back! My favourite part of this trip to Algonquin Park was when we played in the water after our first solo. We played water ninja, it was pretty fun but hard at the same time. We also played jackpot in the water. It was fun and everybody had a big smile on their face. It made my day.

I wasn't always scared of water, I had a bad experience with it a couple times. I was swimming and you know how boys always mess around and stuff. Well my friend and I were wrestling and he went too far and almost drown. I love to swim, but I can't swim well at all. It's hard for me to get over it. It has made me feel like I can't play in water or anything at all. I can bath and shower because I know I'm safe at home. I love drinking water because you need water in your life. Sorry to tell you guys but I prefer milk over water any day.

Canoe Lake, ON
Robert Wallis
Dylan Thomas

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