Caamaño Sound, BC - Max Robinson

My Watermark is Caamaño Sound, BC.

My dad was a fisherman off Aristazabal Island, and he taught me to fish for little cohos and snappers when I was a kid. When I grew up, I learned how to catch bigger and bigger fish; Dad taught me how to fish for ling cod and chinook salmon. I have some great memories from being on the water every summer with my dad.

I go back now as a fishing guide at North King Lodge. For most of the guys it feels like a vacation to be up there for the summer, but for me it feels like being home. Even though I spend most of my year down here in the city now, It still feels like home being up there. When I see stuff floating in the water up there it kills me, even all the way up there you get Vancouver's trash. It shows you how big the ocean is and how it really connects all of us here on the coast.

Caamaño Sound, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Jesse Kitteridge
Max Robinson

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