Lac Ste. Anne, AB - Mike McDougal

My Watermark is Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta.

We're here at Lac Ste. Anne County fishing for some Pike and Walleye. It was a beautiful day, the water was pretty calm most of the day, we caught quite a few fish. It's mostly a catch and release lake, you can also keep some Burbot, but most people don't catch them during the summer and Whitefish in the winter.

It's just a long work week for people and it's nice to get out, enjoy the fresh air, the peace and quiet, and just be on the water and relax. I feel it's decent water, everyone seems to keep it pretty clean and not deal with too much garbage. People seem to take pretty good care of it, people want to enjoy the lake for as long as possible.

Lac Ste. Anne, AB
Doug Copping
Mike McDougal

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