Lake Ontario, ON - Greg Marlo

My name is Greg Marlo, I am from Mississauga. I am a yacht captain in this area and I also captain around the world. Lake Ontario is primarily where I do some boating and I love the lake.

My favourite waterbody is around Toronto and there's some spots on Lake Ontario like Niagara on the Lake so a weekend trip to Niagara on the Lake is fabulous. The islands of Toronto make it really unique. The people who come to visit I tell them about the blue flag beaches and just seeing the skyline is always very dramatic. The thousands islands are also a great week long destination I like to go to.

You know what, my thing is introducing people to the sport of sailing and boating and yachting and so I try to excite them and show them the finer things. I think Lake Ontario has a lot of offer. Many people comment on the water quality and its dirtyness and I try to educate them that way because its not like it was 15 years ago. I think thats really important and everybody is more environmentally conscious now too. But the experience of being on the water whether its power or sail I enjoy getting people involved in and my slogan is "Everything is better on the water."

Lake Ontario, ON
Chloe Cross
Greg Marlo

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