Huangpu River, China - Cecily D

I learned about the Huangpu River when I was little and I was amazed by how long the river is. The river runs through Shanghai and splits the Pudong and Puxi districts. It’s the main water source for Shanghai residents for domestic and industrial use. It’s a landmark in Shanghai and it feels special to me because I’ve seen it so many times.

Last winter, it was my best friend Maggie's birthday, and she decided to celebrate it on a boat at the Huangpu River. It was a light rainy day, and the boat had a lot of decorations. There were a lot of desserts, including mini cupcakes, cookies and a birthday cake. Downstairs was a karaoke room, and we sang a lot of k-pop songs. On the third floor, there was an outdoor deck and I could see the water wasn’t clear and blue. It might be the sand, but another reason was the pollution. I hope people will continue to clean the water.

As the boat moved, I saw places that I love, like the Bund. This experience was very delightful to play with my friends and celebrate. I feel special about the Huangpu River because it connects my family and friends.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Cecily D

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