Pancake Bay Beach, ON - Nidal M.

Pancake Bay Beach
Sault Ste. Marie

When I was young at the beach, I remember looking at the flow of the sea, as the glow of the sun shone up on my family and I. We ran, we swam, and we sat, and we sang. We ran with the ball, we dived with the waves, we rested as we ate all the dishes that were made. We chanted the never ending songs as we all socialized together.

When I was young at the beach, I smelled the fresh baked cheesecake and would always run to the smell, at the spot my parents relaxed at. I always scanned the place as my feet were touching the sand and my hands making sandcastles with my favourite pink bucket. This is always when I heard the sounds of birds looking for food. I would always observe and noticed the birds flying high and low making screeching sounds. I remember that I would just stare at them as I tasted the delicious cheesecake.

When I was young at the beach, I laughed so happily that half of the beach could hear me. I felt amusement as the boys played with the black and white ball. I also remember how I was always curious of things like rings and wings and, twins, because they made me feel delight. Besides, every time I went to the beach, it would be with my favourite twins. The sight of the birds, using their wings, flapping, flying away would give me a wholesome feeling, because I would always wonder how they fly so high and calm.

At the beach, I remember when I was young feeling the breeze, holding the sand with my hands, running with the ball as if I scored. I would reach my goal in life. I remember wanting to be a small doll with big brown eyes, who wore a purple t-shirt, that just stood there not moving in its place, so I wouldn't leave the moment I was in. I will always remember making sandcastles, shaking the branches of trees to make the birds on them leave, and creating fake cakes with my siblings to see who was the best. These are just some of my cherished memories at Pancake Bay.

Nidal M.