Goderich Beach, ON - Patrick L.

When I was young at Goderich Beach

When I was young at the beach, I remember swimming. Well, actually, I was trying to run in the water, because my brother was chasing me, and I was scared that he’d drag me under the waves. I remember how much I liked laying down on my towel for a sun tan, very enjoyable. I remember sitting down with my family, and we talked about life. My mom would explain what the point of life is and would kind of lecture me about it.

When I was young at the beach, I could hear waves crashing on the solid wall, pretty satisfying, I heard people screaming in the water, a ship as big as the Titanic. But I was calm and peaceful and quiet as I felt the warm sand around my feet and the cold water washing off the sand on my feet. I felt the rocks on the shallow ground.

When I was young at the beach, I was really excited to go to the beach, because it was summer and it was really, really hot outside. I was also impatient because it was a 1-hour drive, and it felt like I was inside an oven. When we arrived, I couldn’t wait to go inside the water, it felt wonderful when I went inside the water. I felt like I was in a freezer, then I would take a shower, dry myself up, and eat some snacks

At the beach, what I really enjoyed was when I sat down with my family and talked about life. My mom explained what you should do to make a better community, talked about jobs and advised about the future. I was wondering why my mom explained all this stuff to me. During the ride home, I had so many questions for my mom, but when we got home, it was already night, and it was too late. Honestly, I thought about what my mom said to me, I felt like everything my mom said was right.

Goderich Beach, ON
Patrick L.