Northumberland Strait, PE - Roger Z.

I’ve been to lots of waterbodies before, but I remember the Northumberland Strait the most. It is beside PEI. My friend and I went to PEI at the beginning of August in 2021. I saw one of the magical mammals in the world -- Whales.

On the second day we were there, we arrived at the port and were ready to go watch whales. We were told to put on the orange floater jackets since it will be really cold on the jet boat we are going to sit on. The boat was so fast we arrived at the middle of the strait soon. It was really foggy that day so we could barely see anything.

Suddenly the captain shouted: “Six o'clock!” We pulled out our phone to photograph it and saw the back of a whale. But soon it disappeared. Everybody was waiting silently. Suddenly someone shouted: “there!” We followed his finger and saw a whale’s tail. It is really rare to be able to see a whale’s tail. Our captain told us that there are only 200 of that kind of whale left in the world. It was a northern right whale.

This waterbody is extremely important to the PEI residents and the animals. We saw many other species too like seals and seagulls. Also PEI residents get lots of food resources there. It was an amazing trip and we all should respect and protect waterbodies.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Roger Z.

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