Kazabazua, QC - Mel B

When I was young at the lake, next to two cottages, I would visit some of my family. My great cousins lived in the smaller cottage, on the same body of land. Going downhill, there's a dock and shed in the water that holds a jet ski, some water toys (like pool noodles and floats that people can sit in) and a yellow speedboat. I used to swim in the lake with my grandmother and great cousins. Sometimes I’d get on the boat, and we’d go out in the giant lake just to have fun and feel the wind.

When I was young at the lake, I was in a large float with two of my cousins from the US. We were being pulled by the yellow speedboat, feeling the wind and water around us. At one point, we flipped over, they fell out, but somehow I didn't. I was absolutely terrified, but it was so much fun, being submerged underwater, feeling it rush past me, was exhilarating. I remember later that day
watching all the adults and older cousins using water skis on the calm, green, cold water while being pulled by the jet ski. Someone tried it and was comically on one leg before he fell over.

When I was young at the lake, there was a fish that we used to feed. I don't remember what type of fish they were, but they were black and sparkly, almost glittery. I was always happy to see them. The fish helped me calm down. They were my friend. They made me happy. I really miss them, I wish I could see them again.

At the lake, I always felt fearful and curious, even when I knew the layout of both cottages, I was still uneasy. I wanted to explore more of the place surrounding the cottages, but I was also needed my family with me. There were a lot of tall and thick trees surrounding the cottages. I wondered if there was something else beyond that, like a little village. I never did explore beyond. I didn’t want to get lost. Maybe one ay I could return to explore, and maybe I would find the little village.

Kazabazua, QC
Mel B