New London Bay, PE - Vanessa R

My favorite place to go on for vacations is P.E.I. We love camping at Seal Cove.My sister and I love catching cool animals! One time we caught a shirt full of tiny crabs and it was so cool! So,on to my big story. Roni and I loved swimming.We were swimming in Malpeque Bay. Roni and I would swim pretty far until my mom yelled at us. It was a normal day swimming until 3 jellyfish,(from what I could see), were very close to us, and Roni was very scared of them. So I didn’t tell her . They were close enough to touch, so instead of telling her, I said, “let's have a race back”.Then we started swimming as fast as we could. She won, but after that I told her and she freaked out!

I would like to tell you another story because that was kind of short. When my family and I went on a little whale watching boat, it was a very long boat ride. As a kid, I was really impatient but then we saw these beautiful big jellyfish and dolphins!! I was so mesmerized. We watched them for a couple more minutes, then we started heading back. These stories are why I like Malpeque Bay!

New London Bay, PE
Janine De Vree