Kapuskasing Lake, ON - Mya M

Last summer my Dad and I went on a trip to Kapuskasing. While we were up there, we went on a ride on our four wheeler’s. when we got up there we drove around a bit, but the best part was that we went to this river and we could just see a waterfall in the distance. It was over in between some rocks so it was hard to see on the ground but I climbed up on some rocks and could just see the water splashing around the waterfall. My dad and I started fishing (we caught nothing), while taking in this amazing view. Out of nowhere, a storm rolls in, so we pack up our fishing stuff and get out of there.

On our way out of there we take a detour off the main trail and onto the snowmobiling trails. While on these trail’s my dad stops me and we turn off our four wheelers. When we stop I see these huge crows that are probably bigger than my head! At this point the storm is right behind us, so we leave. On our way back it starts down pouring on us so we have to stop at McDonalds. While I was there I looked out the window and it was storming so bad that lightning hit the road in front of me. It was so loud that everyone in there said “Wooow!”.

Once we ate we went back to the motel, we each had a shower, cleaned up and went to sleep at about 11 oclock. The next day we went magnet fishing. We didn't catch any fish but we caught a big hook and a crowbar. We lost the magnet in the water but the line was still attached so I had to grab the line and tie it to my hand and pull it out. The magnet was stuck on a rock, the water was sooo cold but I had to jump in and grab the line. Then the final day we woke up at 6am to start heading home. On the way home I couldn't stop thinking about all the fun I had at the lake. I would 100% recommend going here to anyone who likes pretty sunsets and four wheeler rides. It is about a 12-13 hour drive though so that resulted in us arriving at home by midnight to 1 o’clock in the morning.

Janine De Vree
Mya M