Malpeque Bay, PEI - Ellie B.

When I was younger at Malpeque Bay

When I was young at the bay, my brother and I would look for clams in the shallow water and tide pools. We would look for the bubbles in the water and when we saw them we would carefully walk over to the bubbles, so they could not feel us coming, and draw a circle around where the bubbles were. We would then dig down in that circle until we found the mussels or a clam, an empty clamshell. Sometimes my dad would come out to help or to watch us race in the water, and me and my brother would go in the water up to our knees. We could be very far out when the tide was out. I remember very well my mom and sister didn't come outside that morning because of all the mosquitoes. They would stay inside and watch me and my brother sprint across the grass as the mosquitoes swarmed around my dad and the bug spray would not work.

When I was young at the bay, we went deep water fishing while the water was rough. My brother and my dad caught some fish, and we had them for dinner and breakfast and there was still extra, and they tasted amazing. A different time we went out for dinner and when we got there, the tide was coming in. There was a little sandbar that was exposed, and we went out in our bare feet to the island, and we would watch for jellyfish even though the water was shallow cause of my dad's friend who told him that there were jellyfish there cause it used to be his grandmother's cottage. Where we would wait for our food to be ready before we would come for dinner.

When I was young at the bay, we went deep water fishing, The man said it would be great for fishing because the boat would rock your hook up and down. It would be me with just my dad and my brother. Strangely enough, my dad and brother were the only ones that caught edible fish. When my brother caught a fish, he wanted to unhook the fish. But the hook was all the way through the fish’s face, so when he went to unhook it, blood from the fish splattered everywhere. The boat was covered in blood, it looked like a crime.

There was blood up the walls of the boat and all over the floor, and everyone who was near my brother had blood on them.
I will always remember the cottage I stayed at along the water, where you could sit in the sun room on the couch and see the boats go by at 6am. With their fish and clams in their nets. There was also late night playing UNO, guess the animal or other family games. In my mind, I will always hold close my memories at Malpeque Bay.

By: Ellie

Malpeque Bay, PEI
Ellie B.