Medway River, NS - Kaden L

It was last year on summer break. I was on the Medway river in Nova Scotia with my two cousins, aunt and uncle. My aunt from Sweden also joined us on the trip. She flew in. She had to quarantine for 2 weeks and she helped me with online school. Back to the memory, it was a nice summer day in Nova Scotia. We were on the water with no waves, no wind and it was perfect. My cousin was teaching me how to kneeboard. He first hopped in and showed me how to put the kneeboard on beside the boat. Then my uncle started the engine and went. My cousin got up on the kneeboard no problem. Before you knew it it was my turn so I hopped in the water. It was the perfect temperature. Then I got set up and my uncle said “are you ready” and I said “yep”. He started slowly and when I was set up he went faster.

I couldn’t believe it! I was up with the wind blowing through my hair. Then my cousin told me to get out of the wake and go to the right. So I was riding the waves and then the worst thing happened. I face planted. It was so embarrassing and it hurt. Then later that day we went troll fishing. We were fishing till we caught a fish because that was going be our supper. It was very fun. I finally caught one and my cousin caught two. He had bigger fish, so we decided to keep and eat him. We went back and docked the boat. We also cut and cleaned the fish. We put it on the grill with some butter and it was the best fish I’ve ever had. We went quadding and found these houses for sale and most of them looked rundown. So we went back to his cottage. There's only one thing that is bad about his cottage, there’s no service! If you wanted service you had to go to this garbage can and that’s the only place you could get service. It was the best seven days of my life and I can’t wait to go back. I will always remember Medway river because of all the fun I had. That's my watermark.

Medway River, NS
Janine De Vree
Kaden L