Horseshoe Lake, ON - Cole J

In July 2010ish, I arrived at my great grandpa's cottage on Horseshoe Lake. I don't remember much from this place because I was very young but I've heard stories from my Mother. I only remember that it was beautiful there. Mostly the stories were funny and some of them were unfortunate. These are my memories and stories of Horseshoe Lake, Ontario.

I was no more than 3 years old when we went to my Great Grandpa’s house. I only know things that I have been told because I was little. The house was on à lake and we went there every July long weekend for Christmas in July. We also made sure we went à couple times à year. I wish I could remember more.

My mom and grandparents tell us stories about Horseshoe Lake. One story they tell is when my Grandma dislocated her toe on the floating doc. There was also a guy with oil all over him sun tanning. My family likes to joke around and they were playing in the water around the dock. My uncle and grandma went running across the dock and grandma slipped on the oil and caught her foot in the ladder. When grandma fell she dislocated her toe. My grandma is à nurse so instead of going to the hospital she put her foot in the cold lake and put her toe back in place. I thought this was disgusting hearing this story because I can imagine the sound and how much it hurt.

Great grandpa wanted to shoot à bear because they were in season, so he nailed sardine cans in his backyard trees by the lake. He came home one day and there were 6 bears, two of them were cubs in the backyard. This is funny because he tried to go into the house and garage but locked the keys in his truck so had no gun. I thought this was hilarious.

Janine De Vree
Cole J