Old Woman Bay, ON - Braxtyon

When I was young at Old Woman’s Bay

When I was young at the bay, all I saw was how beautiful the mountains were surrounding the left side of the lake. It was so exquisite with the grass spreading all over the mountain. It looked like I wasn't in Canada, it looked so unreal. I remember vividly the crystal clear water with a little creek right beside the lake.

When I was young at the bay, I could smell that classic fresh air beach smell. While I was running around, the water would hit me and some water would go in my mouth. It tasted very salty, exactly how an ocean would taste. When I was in the water, I would feel the cold water swish around my body. I found the rocks so gentle and calming when I stepped on them while walking to the water, which is odd considering that's something people usually complain about how hard rocks are. The rocks always have a special connection to me.

When I was young at the bay, I felt calm, happy and content with where I was, which was weird, because I don't usually feel that peaceful. For me, this place didn't seem real. It was like a fantasy, with all the vibrant colours and sounds of seagulls. Everything felt perfect, kind of how I picture heaven.

At the bay, I remember sitting in the sand, taking in the beachy wind smell. We would always stop there whenever we would go to Thunder Bay to drop my sister off at university. Now, I miss driving to Thunder Bay as often as we did. Sitting in the sand at the bay, I remember most everything me and my sister did, what she got for me and what she did for me.

Old Woman Bay, ON
Braxtyon S.