Virginia Park Pond - Behdad Z.

Virginia Park Pond

When I was young at the pond, I remember waving my hand slowly in the water., I could feel the rocks through the shallow water, I remember feeling the bright warm sun above me and remember skipping rocks over the water. Although, the rocks were rough to skip on, I would always be running and skipping, so much that I remember my feet getting bruised.

When I was young at the pond, I heard the birds chirping from above and the small waves of water splashing against the rocks and pebbles. I tasted and felt the pond. It smelled like grass and seaweed combined together. Regardless, the smell didn't bother me at all. I liked it because, it was like natural, at least that is how it smelled to me.

When I was young at the pond, I felt at home. I had a feeling this place was my comfort place. I felt relaxed, even calmed down. I remember thinking that this was my escape place, a way to shut down everything. I could relax since it was very easy to take my mind off things outside of the pond.

At the pond, I'll always remember the warm air breezing past. I will never forget when I'd sit there for hours until the sun falls. Most of the time it was me and a good childhood friend, him and I would bring our favourite snacks and drinks sit at a huge rock surrounded by smaller ones watching the calm water. Him and I would go there just to be there and take our mind off of thing. Hanging out together was easy to do that and especially at the pond.

Virginia Park Pond
Behdad Z.