Lac-Simon, QC - Olivia Leon

Hi, my name is Olivia Leon and my Watermark is Lac-Simon in Quebec.

From the time I was 6 years old, I would visit this lake every summer because my family had our trailer there. We were on a smaller branch of the lake between two sets of rapids. This place is special to me because it holds many memories with a lot of people. My friends and I would canoe around the water, exploring along each shore. We would try to canoe up the rapids but would never make it. We would jump off ‘the rock’ which was the only safe place to jump from into the water, and we would spend hours searching for crayfish and casing frogs. Being able to access this body of water created a particular connection for me which I still hold to this day. All the fun that I had during the summers growing up, I now have in other areas across Ontario. My connection to water continues to grow stronger as I continue on more adventures and exploring the land further.

Lac-Simon, QC
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Olivia Leon