St. Marys Quarry, ON - Caitlin M.

When I was young at St Marys Quarry

When I was young at the quarry, there were so many things to do. I ran, and I climbed, and I slid again and again like time didn't fly by. The sky was bright, and the water was fresh. Parents on land, kids in the water, as the day kept getting hotter, my younger cousin was floating around in the water as the sun was shining down. We went up the steep hill and down the slide, all the way to the other side of the lake.

When I was young at the quarry, I loved the trampoline. I jumped, and I slipped, and I fell until I was so tired I almost fainted. The cold water moved slowly, and the cool wind was so peaceful. My cousin and I played hide and seek, over and over, and we couldn't peek. Up the ramp and under the slide, there were so many places to hide. We heard all the kids laughing and the parents talking at shore, I couldn't get enough of the fun.

When I was young at the quarry, I was so scared at first. There was the lake with deep, dark, cold water and fish swimming under you. It was 50 feet deep and the edges were so steep. My cousin and I jumped with hesitation in the water, even though we didn't know what was under. After 2 hours passed we started to get hungry, and a nice, cold, fresh sandwich sounded perfect. When we were done eating our delicious sandwiches, we went back to the water as the day just kept getting hotter.

At the quarry, I will always remember the fun things I did, whether it is bouncing on the trampoline, or treading water, or going down the slide. These are some memories I will never forget. The biggest memory I will never forget is me tripping o the
trampoline into a big belly-flop. Even though I fell and got a headache, the quarry will always be a blast, full of jumping, swimming, laughing, and sliding!

Caitlin M.