Pacific Ocean - Anonymous

I went whale and dolphin watching in Monterey Bay, California. My family and I got to the second floor of the boat where we could see the ocean better.

The boat was steady in the harbour, but as soon as it sailed outside of the harbour, the waves were becoming rough and they were over a metre tall. We could barely stand. I also noticed how the colour of the ocean changed when we were further in the ocean. It was green and brownish close to the shore, then turned bluer and bluer the further we went.

About an hour later, we finally saw some dolphins and whales breaching far away. We then got closer and closer until the dolphins were just right next to the boat. There were a few humpback whales breathing about 10 metres away. Sadly, I didn’t catch them on camera. Luckily, dozens of dolphins loved interacting with us around the boat, so I did catch them on my camera. My favourite sea animal has always been dolphins, not just because they are smart and cute, but also because they are graceful and beautiful creatures.

We sailed for 3 hours in the Pacific Ocean, and even though I was getting seasick, I still loved exploring the ocean. This trip was awesome and I would definitely go there again in the future when I go to California.

Pacific Ocean
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Anonymous .

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