Saint Mary Lake, BC - Christina G.

When I was young at the lake, I remember my family shouting at me and my cousins to be careful when we would jump into the water. We would defy them though and swim with confidence until we passed the shallow waters. I only remember feeling in danger when running away from all the bees when I had a big sweet watermelon piece in my hand.

When I was young at the lake, I tasted the delicious Assyrian salad my mom served before the food was prepared. Moreover, I smelled barbecue smoke, emanating from the chicken my dad was making for lunch. Next, when I hit the volleyball, it flew all the way to the other side of the sandy court. Finally, 30 minutes before we left we went to a park located in the same area, I heard my sister screaming to have the swing first and shoes squeaking on the slides and birds chirping.

When I was young at the lake, I felt happy because I was free with all the nature surrounding me. I was always scared, though, after hearing my cousins say there are fish in the water that will bite me. I would wonder whether the current was strong enough to overcome me and drown me. At the end, it would slip my mind, and I'd continue to swim fearlessly.

At the lake, I remember my grandparents who live in Chicago came to visit us in the summer. My mom invited her siblings, cousins and friends to prepare Assyrian food for a lunch reunion. Seeing my grandparents’ happy and emotional faces, made me grateful for having them in my life, This is a memory I’ll always remember, when I was young at the lake.

Christina G.