Dutcher Lake, ON - Josselyn V

My watermark is Dutcher Lake north of Orrville. This body of water is so beautiful and it was one of my many favourite memories. Dutcher Lake is crown land which means anyone can go there and enjoy an awesome memory as we did. My Dad and I went on an ATV ride with our friends. On the ATV ride, it was pouring rain which made me think it wasn’t going to be a very fun day. But the rain didn’t stay very long. After 2 hours of four-wheeling rocks, hills, and mud we decided to go to Dutcher Lake. It was such a fun adventure with our friends. My friend and I just sat there with our feet in the water enjoying the beautiful view of trees, rocks and tiny little waves of a cloudy rainy day. After a half hour, we decided to head back to the cabin. I think Dutcher Lake is so calming and graceful, I really recommend you take the time to go visit this amazing place.

Dutcher Lake, ON
Janine De Vree
Josselyn V