Ivey Park River, ON - Hailee Rose H

When I was young at the river, I remember playing at the nearby playground with my mom and grandma before feeding the ducks. I’d look at all the other children with their families, running around and enjoying the surroundings. I remember walking down the many concrete steps to get down to the dock. Often, I’d sit over the river and wonder how the current was so fast. My vision would be flooded with the brownish-grey hue of the soil and rocks the river picked up.

When I was young at the river, I heard the passing cars in the distance, the sound of everyone talking from all over, and the ice cream trolley bell. I loved the sounds of downtown, the cluttered talking, and, honking of horns made me feel oddly comfortable and secure. It was tradition to get ice cream whenever we went, the sweet taste of vanilla ice cream on a hot day always cheered me up. I’d even take a couple of bites of the soft and white and warm bread, before feeding it to the fish and ducks. I’d play in the sand, getting the hard pebbles all over my clothes, creating a dusty mess which would overall add to the experience. The overwhelming smell of nature always lingered in the air, the fresh flower garden, and greenhouse making the air all the fresher.

When I was young at the river, I’d feel in awe of the wildlife and scenery nearby. I was thrilled whenever my mother would announce that we’d be going. I always felt relaxed, frequently allowing the light and steady, grey stream to touch the tips of my feet when no one
was looking. Although occasionally, I’d get afraid of the ducks and geese, anxious that they’d begin chasing me. I was curious about the flowers as well, consistently asking what type of flower they are and why they are there.

At the river, I always remember my mother pushing me in the spinner bowl as fast as she could, and I’d laugh hysterically. I remember running around, sometimes barefoot, and enjoying the feeling of grass under my toes. I remember the agonizing walk down the stairs, that led to the small dock underneath, where we’d sit for hours. I’d look forward to taking lots of photos. Not only that, but I’d make my mom take pictures of me in various places, posing, and would often pose my dolls as well.

Hailee Rose H