Oka Beach, QC - Wael E.

When I was young at Oka Beach

When I was young at the beach, I remember sitting on a beach towel and staring at the shiny waves crashing against the shore, I sat for hours until the bright hot sun finally set. I would always search for small, round and flat rocks. Then I remember sitting and throwing my chosen rocks into the water to get them to skip when the waves were soft and calm. I got them to skip every single time, then I would count how many times they skipped. My best attempt was 12 skips!

When I was young at the beach, I remember hearing the seagulls sing, yell and communicate, I always wondered if they understood each other or if they were actually singing. My favourite part was when I touched the sand, still soft and warm, I would often lay down directly on the sand, no towel. It smelled fresh, like nature hugging me. And yet, the waves were still energized, crashing against the shore.

When I was young at the beach, I felt peaceful and calm, but also pretty curious. I always wanted to know what was out there and how quiet it could be in the ocean. I would swim deep in the water, swimming alongside the excited fish. The water was clear and deep and blue so I could see many schools of fish, they were swarming in a random formation. I will always remember when I gained the courage to jump into the cold and deep and mysterious water to swim alongside the fish.

At the beach, I will always remember that warm long day, it wasn't too hot or too cold, the temperature of the water was perfect, the beach was calm, I will never forget this day in my life, I have never felt such peace in a place like this. I miss the sound of waves and seagulls, the feeling of laying down all day is still within me.

Oka Beach, QC
Wael E.