Port Stanley, ON - Adler S.

Port Stanley Beach

When I was 8 years old at the beach, I ran around in the water, the sand and the rocks. I saw the water, the sand, other people, sand sculptures and beach items. Not only that, but I was an ok swimmer, swimming in the deeper parts of the beach. I would make sand castles with my sister and eat food that we brought from home.

When I was young at the beach, I could hear the waves from the water, the seagulls cawing and other people talking. I felt the sand between my toes and the water on my body. I smelled the water, sand and the odour of other people. The atmosphere tasted like the water on the beach.

When I was young at the beach, I felt excited to be there all day. At the beach, I had so much time just to play in the water, swim, and run around. On the sand, my favourite thing would be to make a giant hole and fill it up with water. The beach made me feel warm and happy on the inside, like the feeling you get after you eat one of your grandmas baked goods.

At the beach, I would look forward to playing with my younger sister. We would play games that we made up together in the water. One of the games we created and played, and we would play the most was the one where we would try to jump over the waves or try and hit them. My sister and I would almost always be ending up falling in the water because we were clumsy.

Port Stanley, ON
Adler S.

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