Crowe Lake, ON - Sophie V

When I was young at the lake, I sat on the dock, staring at the minnows and small fish rushing by my feet as I waited for my grandparents to get the pontoon boat ready for trips around the lake and river. I remember learning to fish there, catching sunfish, and with a net, minnows, small fish and crawfish. I swam in the sandbar collecting empty snail shells, ridding them of any pesky zebra mussels and taking the snail shells back home. Not only that, but I remember sitting on my grandparents’ swinging bench, watching as the sky faded from blue, to purple, and then reds, finally becoming dark. One year I watched the fireworks illuminating the sky from the comfort of the pontoon boat, bundled up against the bitingly chilly air, celebrating Canada day.

When I was young at the lake, I would stare at the little ponds in my grandparents’ front yard, watching for any signs of frogs that would temporarily station themselves in the reeds. The silence was occasionally broken by the sounds of frogs croaking, birds chirping, and the boats that would travel in and out of the mouth of the river. Sometimes, we would spot loons and their chicks, the air ringing with their calls. We would sometimes travel into town and on the way, if my brother managed to persuade my grandparents (which wasn’t that hard to do) to stop at a water buffalo farm, we would eat ice cream, perfect for a hot day. I would, more often than not, hear groups of crows cawing, often wondering what they were talking about.

When I was young at the lake, I was always curious about the house several doors down. It had blown up, many years prior. It remained vacant and mysterious, making me wonder what was inside. Alas, I still remember how happy I was to visit the cottage during Christmas as there was always a grand tree, reaching for the ceiling, and exchanging the gifts among family.

At the lake, I would always visit the frogs and hang out with my family. They made the greatest dinners. It’s not just me, my siblings enjoy it as much as I do. We all are excitedly waiting for the next time we could visit.

Crowe Lake, ON
Sophie V