Atlantic Ocean at the Turks and Caicos - Dylan J

It was a yellow flag day on the beach. The waves were larger than usual, so the yellow flag signaled that the wind was stronger. For a couple of days before this, it was all red flags due to very strong winds and storms.

It was early in the morning and there was nobody swimming in the water. The sound of the crashing waves was loud and mostly the only sound you can hear, besides the squawks of seagulls. The water was lukewarm. I enthusiastically ran to it over the white-ish sand. In seconds, the water rushed backwards. As I prepared for another wave, the water started pulling even harder. I start going with the water, getting pulled farther and farther from land.

In a split-second my dad realized what was happening. He sprinted into the water and brought me back to land. Even though I kept my head above water, it was still a scary experience. I learned that day that water is much more powerful than I thought.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Dylan J

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