Saugeen River, ON - Nick H

Every year, starting in 2017, except 2020, (for obvious reasons) my aunt, uncle, and I have kayaked down the Saugeen river. One year my grandpa and sister joined us. This trip provides us with a memorable experience and something to look forward to. We normally arrive around 11:00 and go to Cowen's kayak/canoe rental place. We get in our kayaks and we're off! We kayak for about 3 hours while enjoying various activities such as listening to music, fishing and talking. We eventually arrive at a conservation area/park and we eat sandwiches and fruit and drink pop. When we are done eating, we continue kayaking until we decide to stop and call the rental place where they pick us up. I enjoy spending time outside and with family, this may be why I enjoy this trip so much.

During this trip we did many fun things. We went fishing but didn't catch any fish, we helped a group of people who were stranded because their phone died and we saw many plants like giant hogweed which is quite dangerous and can leave you blind. The Saugeen River is a really important place to me and I hope when covid is over I can go kayaking there once again.

Saugeen River, ON
Janine De Vree
Nick H