Canadian Water Summit 2017 created 38 watermarks.
The Canadian Water Summit attracted hundreds of water professional leaders from across the nation to explore opportunities that will ensure a sustainable water future for Canada. The 8th annual summit was held on June 21, 2017. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper was there to collect watermarks.
Big Trout Lake, ON
Vladimir Bobeika
Bow River, AB
Gisoo Heydari
Chitek Lake, SK
Stacey Dumanski
Clear Lake, ON
Maggie Lee
Credit River, ON
Tim Peters
French River, ON
Steve Elgie
Georgian Bay, ON
Kathleen Spironello
Georgian Bay, ON
Scott Brown
Lake Erie, ON
Dan Kraus
Gull River, ON
Robin Wakelin
Lake Bamendjing, Cameroon
Edwin Nkengla
Lake Dalrymple, ON
Robert Menegotto
Lake Erie, USA
Rollin Bresson
Lake Huron, ON
Joe Deu-ngoc
Lake Huron, ON
Todd Westcott
Lake Ontario, ON
Anahita Rabbi
Lake Ontario, ON
Ellen Stitt
Lake Ontario, ON
Francesca Fernandes
Lake Ontario, ON
Jon Grant
Lake Ontario, ON
Monhsen Mortada
Lake Ontario, ON
Raad Seraj
Lake Ontario, ON
Joel Longland
Lake Simcoe, ON
Sarah Long
Lake Simcoe, ON
Sue Cerilli