Lake Rosseau, ON - Jason Dawes

My Watermark is Lake Rosseau, Ontario.

When it comes to my water body I’m a bit divided because I spend time all over the province, but I’m going to say Lake Rosseau which is in the Muskoka region.

Lake Rosseau is important to me because as the marketing manager at Muskoka Brewery I’m always talking about creating quality beer. Quality is one of our most important things we talk about at Muskoka Brewery. And what adds to quality, of course, is ingredients and the number one ingredient in beer is water.

So for me clean water is super important and being part of a water initiative is a really key initiative for us at Muskoka Brewery.

A lot of people think we get our water straight from surrounding lakes but we actually get our water from Bracebridge. And even though we don’t use water from the lakes doesn’t mean they're not important to me.

For example, I don’t own my own cottage on Lake Rosseau but I have friends that do. We love getting out and going swimming or fishing. It’s all about meeting up with friends, enjoying nature and the cleanliness of the lake while kicking back enjoying a nice cold beer. Especially the Detour which is a nice Session IPA, which has been a personal favorite lately.

Lake Rosseau, ON
Claire Lawson
Jason Dawes

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