Heart Lake, ON - Daniel Pattison

My Watermark is Heart Lake in Brampton, Ontario.

The reason for that is that I actually went to Heart Lake Secondary School and it’s more of a pond than a lake. You can’t really swim in it or anything, but just having fun times in high school.

Like walking to and from school, just walking past it and seeing all the wildlife and nature in the area was really inspiring and cool to see. And you are really lucky especially if you live in those more urban centers like Brampton, Mississauga or Toronto. To see those kinds of pockets that still have nature around is really nice.

Not only that but I use to cottage up in Vala in Muskoka, so that's how I kind of got involved with the brewery in the first place, was my experience in the Muskoka area.

Just having good feelings and vibes with friends is what it’s all about.

Heart Lake, ON
Claire Lawson
Daniel Pattison

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