Toronto Harbour, ON - Matt French

My Watermark is the Toronto Harbour of Lake Ontario.

Toronto Harbour was too to me growing up. I went to a day camp there every summer growing up. Eventually, I became a counsellor and ran it for a couple of years.

We use to spend every day in the summer down at the Toronto Harbour first learning, then teaching kids how to canoe and kayak. Almost every day we would go across the harbour over to the Toronto Islands, it was an awesome time.

We saw a lot of things in the Toronto Harbour back in the day, usually nothing too bad. But something we would do was count all the dead carp near the Toronto Islands. I do remember one time finding a dead iguana in the harbor.

One day when I was seventeen me and my friends had found an unopened can of beer floating in the water, all I could remember was how excited we were.Then we decided not to drink it for fear of getting sick from the water and dying.

One thing that we try to stay away from when teaching the kids is rolling. It may be cool and fun but safety is always first. And we feel it’s not safe to roll in the harbor for fear of sickness and ear infections.

Claire Lawson
Matt French

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