Lago di Gallo, Italy - Vincenzo Del Riccio

I was born in a small town in Italy called Roccamandolfi. My father was a shepherd, and we had very little money. We only knew one person who had a car, a close family friend. Once, when I was very young, our family and theirs piled into the car and drove to Lago di Gallo, a lake in the Gallo Matese municipality about an hour away.

For us, it was a big deal, like a family vacation. I remember the water was beautiful, and from the lake, you could see the Monti del Matese, part of the Apennine Mountains. My parents worked very hard, and I remember them being so relaxed and at ease by the water, so I was in a great mood as well. It was like a perfect day. It’s a very special memory.

Vincenzo Del Riccio