Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has been involved in 832 watermarks.
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a registered Canadian charity, and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper founded the Watermark project, Swim Guide, and The National Water Centre Project. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper helps communities prosper by creating swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters and by ensuring people experience their water, are informed about the health of the water, and are engaged in decision-making.
Abram Lake, ON
Mieke Van Geest
Active Pass, BC
Judie Leckie
Adriatic Sea
Bozo Ceovic
Adriatic Sea
Loris Giuricich
Albany River, ON
Rebecca Steele
Annapolis River, NS
Jeffrey Glenen
Anstruther Lake, ON
Jennifer Nicholson
Anstruther Lake, ON
Sabina Appleton
Arabian Gulf, UAE
Faiz Khwaja
Ashby Lake, ON
Lindsey Malcolm
Athabasca River, AB
Sarah Kades
Atlantic Ocean
Bernie Finklestein
Atlantic Ocean
Colleen Baker
Atlantic Ocean, Barbados
Candice Cheung
Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda
Tanis Rideout
Atlantic Ocean, Guyana
Shania Narace
Atlantic Ocean, NB
Anne Marie Alexander
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Gerard Comerford
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Daniel Hughes
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Darin Collins
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Eric Green
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Greg Reid
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Lawrence Bolt
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Matthew Slade