Georgian Bay, ON - Justine Glover

My Watermark is Southern Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, Ontario.

It’s important to me because I grew up in Wasaga Beach, which is a 5-minute bike ride from the beach, which is the longest freshwater beach in Canada.

I swim in it every summer and I’m looking forward to heading back and swimming there this summer. I live on the river that runs into the lake near the water treatment plant.

In Wasaga Beach the water isn’t the most appealing until after the buoys. The first five feet are like sludge, so me and my friends would sprint through the , to get out. At the beach you see a lot of crazy things, may it be washed up diapers or other stuff that was put there.

I’ve done all forms of recreation on the water from swimming,boating, and even paddle boarding. So I love to be close and connected to the water around me.

Georgian Bay, ON
Claire Lawson
Justine Glover

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