Duck Pond at Everett Crowley Park, BC - Vince Verlaan

My Watermark is the Duck Pond in Everett Crowley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It’s important to me because the site was a former city dump. It was an old ravine filled with 45 metres of garbage and eventually capped off with mud in the sixties. Now there are all sorts of pathways, rivers, walkways and bridges. Surprisingly though the healthiest eco-system in the park is the duck pond.

I worked for 10 years on the project to help restore the area and bring back natural beauty to the once inhabitable area. We now have Earth Day Vancouver there every year and it's awesome to see the change in people’s mindsets. With environmental issues becoming more and more apparent, now is the most crucial time to implement change.

Krystyn Tully
Vince Verlaan

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