Indian Arm, BC - Ian Hansen

My Watermark is Indian Arm, British Columbia.

I have canoed all of my life. I'm 51 now and Indian Arm in BC has provided countless memories! I have taken my son paddling/camping up to Twin Islands many times. The very first time we paddled and saw a seal in labour in the shallows of Raccoon Island. Because of this beautiful waterway I have exposed my son to real life nature up close and personal. From seals on shore or in the water to Lion's Mane and Fried Egg Jellyfish to Red Rock and Dungeness Crabs to countless waterfalls that we get out and explore this environment provides it all.

In all seasons I am paddling up Indian Arm exploring all of its nuances. We were blessed with a wonderful snowy winter and the paddles up into the storms and camping on a snowy island were surreal. 2 weekends ago I hammock camped on an island, up the fjord, with my canoe... Millions of herring (5 different batches) and the most curious pod of seals I've ever met. Crabbing by canoe is an amazing experience that I have also shared with my son and the millions of moon jellyfish we've paddled through was so exhilarating. Thanks Indian Arm for providing us with so many special memories and we look forward to the 100's more yet to create!!!

Indian Arm, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Charly Caproff
Ian Hansen

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