Atlantic Ocean, USA - Micah Sumner

My Watermark is on the north shore of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Me and my family go there almost every year. We go to North Myrtle Beach where it isn't has busy as the south. In South Myrtle Beach, there are Ferris Wheels, and thousands of people there at a time. I always go to North Myrtle Beach. It’s about 2-4 Degrees colder, but it’s still warm there. It’s not as busy, and it’s way more beautiful than the South, because there’s all these people, and there’s less litter. It is a beautiful view from the beach to the water. We have a lot of great memories there.

One of them is once I went into the water when I was like 5 years old, and it was freezing cold in there. Then a person who worked at a hotel close to the beach asked us, “Are you guys Canadian”, and we responded, “Yes”. Then he said back to us, “Well, that makes sense, only Canadians would go into the water when it’s this freezing”. Another memory is that about 2 years ago we were walking on the shore of Myrtle Beach at about 8:00 PM. It was very relaxing, and fun to talk, and play some games.

This place hasn't changed that much in water quality that much that I know of. We never have been not allowed into the water by lifeguards, or by the signs around the beach. The water has gotten colder over the years, but I don’t think that's about the water quality. Our family, (and by our family, I mean me and my dad), always go into the water every year we go there. We always will go there. The water is cold, and the water is definitely not as bad as lake huron.

I go here every year with my family. It’s a great place to play games, and go into the water, (even though it’s cold). I love it, and I always hope it’s protected. It may be getting worse by a little bit, but I don’t want it to be a very big issue. I want to go there, and play in the water without there being a chance of it being bad for the human body. I always want Myrtle Beach, and the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds it to be protected, and fun.

Claire Lawson
Micah Sumner

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