Wabamun Lake, AB - Carol Mcpherson

My Watermark is Wabamun Lake, Alberta.

My experience was with working with adults at the camp, people who had grown up in the city and have spent most of their adult life in a 5-block radius. For them to go up to the camp, the requirement was that they had to be clean and sober for a few days leading up to the camp and the entire time they were there. How they worked so hard to stay clean because this was the only time once a year to be out of the city and to be by water.

Those who were afraid to go in the water, maybe not comfortable with swimming, but to see how excited they were to be able to get into a canoe and float down the river, it was such a big deal for them. It made me really appreciate how we take it for granted that we have access to water sometimes. The lakes and the rivers are a great part of my life, and being able to share that with adults who don't have the same experiences or opportunities that I've had. The water has been an amazing part of my life and I'm so happy to be able to share that with others.

Wabamun Lake, AB
Doug Copping
Carol Mcpherson

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