Wabamun Lake, AB - Justin Trimm

My Watermark is Wabamun Lake, Alberta.

It's the weekend, getting together with a few friends here, (and) heading up to Moonlight Bay off of Wabamun Lake. We went up there targeting Walleye and Northern Pike. I like to go to Wabamun because it's a trophy lake, so it's all catch and release, and there is big fish up there. The bonus with that is that if you're a weekend warrior like myself, it's only 40 minutes from Edmonton.

It's a good lake to bring the family out: there's swimming, boating, and paddle boarding. It's just a very good recreational spot. It's not always if you catch a fish, it's the scenery you get to see as well. You go to the remote spots where not a lot of people are, you'll find big fish, you'll create wicked memories, it's just a good time guaranteed.

Wabamun Lake, AB
Doug Copping
Justin Trimm

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