Wabamun Lake, AB - Carolyn Kush

My Watermark is Wabamun Lake, Alberta.

I live in Edmonton. Years ago I used to work an inner-city agency and we had a camp right on the shores of Wabamun Lake. We had a big summer camp – we had kid camps, family camps, youth camps – and people would go out there for the week. These are kids from the inner city in Edmonton who maybe have never been out of the city, and they were able to come to the camp for a week, go to the lake.

Just seeing their faces as they ran into the water, just being able to experience being out of the city, being free, having meals everyday, a community with fun games and playing in the water. It's just an amazing experience.

Wabamun Lake, AB
Doug Copping
Carolyn Kush

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