No name Creek, ON - Emma Compeau

My Watermark is No Name Creek in Pakenham, Ontario.

When I was eleven years old, my parents moved from our tiny place in the city to a big farm house in Pakenham, Ontario. The house was old and warn but it had big fields and tons ponds and creeks to swim. My sister and I swam competitively at our old school so we were excited to spend our summer days splashing around in the water.

A few weeks had past and we were finally getting settled into our new home when we encountered a massive rain storm. I slept in my sisters bed that night as the lightning roared and the thunder boomed. I awoke the next morning and as put my feet down on the floor I noticed a wet, cold feeling. The floors were soaked. I walked out to the kitchen, shivering as my pj’s got wetter and wetter, to find my parents in terror at the damage before them.

I asked my dad what had happen and he explained to me that the beautiful pond that I was so eager to swim in had got to much rainfall and had overflowed. This water now sat in my kitchen, bedroom and most completely filled the basement. The carpet, paintings, and new TV were all soaking wet – as well as the floor, walls, and couches. It took days to fix up the place again. Needless to say out view of those ponds were not so cheerful after that.

No Name Creek, ON
Emma Stairs
Emma Compeau

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