Lake Huron, ON - Ryland Smith

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

I grew up spending my summers at my cottage in Southampton, which was on Lake Huron. My family and I love to spend our days laying on the beach and playing whatever water games we could think of. My brother and I were always full of energy and always looking for something new and interesting to do. One day while we were playing around on the shore we made some new friends. They told us about this stream that ran into the lake that had all sorts of frogs and exciting wildlife.

Being the curious children we were, we bagged our parents to let us go off and roam with our new found mates. After putting up a fight they finally agreed to let us go. We grab our pales and shovels and whatever we could think of to help us collect and observe these exciting creatures. Once we got there we got right to it. We put 3 frogs in a pale and even managed to find a few little fish to look at. I was getting super into it and wanted to find more things. I lifted up a massive rock in hopes of finding a cool shell or unearth some hiding fish.

However, as I lifted up the rock a big crayfish reached up and latched itself onto my finger. I screamed and cried. I turned to my old brother, in hopes of getting a little sympathy. Yet, he was looking a little scared himself. I walked over with tears streaming down my face. My pain quickly turned to confusion as I saw weird black things stuck to his legs. I looked down to find similar markings on myself. We agreed that we had to go and ran back to our parents as fast as we could. It turned out that the black things were leaches and my parents spent that night attempting to salt and burn the things off. To say the least, our parents were not pleased to find us cut and cover with leaches.

Lake Huron, ON
Emma Stairs
Ryland Smith

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