Lake Ontario, ON - Tegan Anderson

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I grew up in a small town just a few hours outside of Calgary, Alberta. I moved to Toronto 4 years ago to attend U of T. I had never lived in a big city and was excited to get out and meet new people. Our first week at school was full of fun as we had crazy events and socials almost every day. On the last night of “frosh” week we attended an event at a downtown club. We danced and sang the night away. However, there were hundreds of people jammed into this place and it didn't seem like the air conditioning was on. We eventually made our way out of the bar to find the temperate outside wasn't any more refreshing. We decided, since it was our last night before we actually has to start doing school work, that we would walk around for a little while. We grabbed hot dogs off a local vender and continued on our travels. Somehow we had reach the waterfront as we turned onto Queen’s Quay. This was my first time seeing Lake Ontario and I was shocked at how central and close to downtown it actually was. In that moment the water seemed so appealing. It looked cold, refreshing and inviting. I ripped off my sweaty t-shirt and headed right for the water. Before my friends could stop me I had jump right off the pier and into the water. It wasn't long before a flash light was shining on me as I was being told to get out of the water. To my surprise it was illegal to jump in the water in that area. I was given a fine and told to head straight home. Not only did this put a damper on my night but I made me forever question what is wrong with the water?

Lake Ontario, ON
Emma Stairs
Tegan Anderson

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