Sturgeon Lake, ON - Doug Moyle

My Watermark is Sturgeon Lake, Ontario.

I have many favourite memories about water. As I grew up on Sturgeon lake in the Kawartha’s by Lindsay, Ontario. So lots of waterskiing, fishing, swimming, specifically fast water skiing. That’s where I learned all of my skills! I remember one time when I was water skiing, very fast in my brothers very fast boat. We did a 360 and I actually fell, must have been doing about 50 miles an hour. But, when I fell, I fell into about 4 feet of water on my backside and I sat there. I mean I was going 50 miles an hour I must have flown 100 feet. All I could see was a waterfall coming over my head and I was watching all of these logs go by me on either side. And I survived.

Sturgeon Lake, ON
Madison Allen
Doug Moyle

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