Living on the Water's Edge, University of Toronto 2016 created 91 watermarks.
Living at the Water's Edge in Toronto is a course offered by Dr. Bonnie McElhinny through the University of Toronto’s anthropology department. Toronto is a city with 9 rivers, on one great lake. This course introduces students to anthropology by using a wide range of media, field trips, and independent research to explore how people think about, imagine, and interact with water. Students in the course shared their personal Watermarks and became Watermark collectors themselves at the Great Lakes Public Forum.
Andaman Sea, Myanmar
Chati Dang
Arctic Ocean, NT
Marcus Slep
Atlantic Ocean, Argentina
Ana Taraborelli
Atlantic Ocean, NB
Atlantic Ocean, NL
Lauren Stokes
Atlantic Ocean, NS
Unknown N/A
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Matt Frola
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Victor Wakelin
Big Salmon Lake, ON
Elisa Cheng
Bow River, AB
Chris Aultmitw
Bow River, AB
Ruby Pajares
Buntzen Lake, BC
Daniel Kim
Burred Inlet, BC
Angela Huang
Detroit River, USA
Chaeyoung Kim
Flathead Lake, USA
Stephan Joyu
Georgia Strait, BC
Veronica Kim
Georgian Bay, ON
Bob Duncanson
Georgian Bay, ON
Itemachandra Jayatena
Georgian Bay, ON
James Wagar
Georgian Bay, ON
Jane Gamble
Lake Huron, ON
Liz Gallin
Georgian Bay, ON
Mariam Jammal
Georgian Bay, ON
Stephanie Barron
Georgian Bay, ON
Tatjana M