Adriatic Sea, Croatia - Caitlin Mellor

Its important to me because it's thriving with wildlife right now, and the community thrives around water, so there's a big fishing community and people that make their money taking tourists out on the ocean and showing them the beautiful caves and other areas that were doing well but obviously as trash gets in, it impacts the area. I was lucky enough that when I went on my boat tours around there we got to see dolphins, we got to see all different kinds of wildlife, so I'd love to see that area stay thriving. I think Croatians really care about that area and want to protect it because the islanders as well as those on the coast rely on it.

That whole day was probably the happiest of my life -- it was just a stunning day in the sense that we went out and the first thing we had was dolphins jumping along with our little sailboat -- and then we went cliff jumping and then we went through all different caves and some of them glowed blue on the inside and from the bottom, other ones just had really interesting stories and there was actually one cave, it was the coolest experience because we actually went diving underwater and into the cave. You don't even know you're in it, you're looking at this rock face and then you just dive and swim and you're in this cave that's glowing green. So it was a really amazing day and just really friendly people. A great experience with the Croatian culture -- just fascinating people.

Adriatic Sea
Fraser Riverkeeper
Charly Caproff
Caitlin Mellor

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